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Grandiose event dedicated to Teachers Day

Grandiose event dedicated to Teachers Day

On October 30, a grandiose event dedicated to the Teacher's Day was held. Our activists, as always, did a great job! Let's remember how the whole event went. A special part of the event was that 2UzG1 made a great contribution to the organization of the holiday, surprising everyone!

The English theme of the concert was also quite an important feature, as the hosts were Princess Diana and the Prince of Wales.
West Moves and Vocal Union gave teachers an unforgettable experience while watching their performances. Well, what about video! Mass Media, students of 2RuG3 and 2RuG6 prepared various congratulatory videos about teachers, as well as interviews about their life experience in the field of teaching.







A student of the 2UzG1 group and a student of 2RuG7 appeared on the stage with a gentle Uzbek song, after which a small competition "Guess the Teacher" was held.

One of the brightest moments was the video greetings from AL WIUT graduates who entered foreign universities. The teachers proudly accepted their thanks.
The concert ended with a traditional dance with teachers, which undoubtedly cheered up not only students, but also teachers.


04 October 2021




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